Facilitator, Self-Help Center


The Facilitator provides flexible, community based services that are designed to promote the empowerment, recovery, and community integration of individuals who have severe mental health conditions by facilitating opportunities for individuals receiving service to direct their own recovery and advocacy process, by teaching and supporting the acquisition and utilization of skills needed to facilitate the individual's recovery, promoting the knowledge of available service options and choices and the utilization of natural resources in the community, and helping facilitate the development of a sense of wellness and self-worth.


  • Facilitates classes that teach the participants the skills that support his/her recovery so that they may internalize a sense of wellness and self-worth.
  • Organizes participants in groups and encourages them to help one another succeed.
  • Works with participants to achieve their goals.
  • Ensures all classes are set up, entered into the EHR and materials ready for each class.
  • Ensures participants are in class and follows up to discover where they are if they do not show up.
  • Ensures participants are enrolled in program appropriately.
  • Assists the participant to identify and access community resources for developing natural supports to increase his/her success in the community.
  • Supports, models and teaches individuals and groups in the learning of recovery tools.
  • Collaborates with other service staff in the facilitation of assessing the hopes, strengths, accomplishments and challenges of each participant in order to achieve his/her stated goals.
  • Supports the development of a participant's recovery plan, and coordinates supports and resources to help each participant's recovery plan in order to support him/her in becoming self-sufficient.
  • May have other responsibilities related to specific service area.
  • Supports participants in community inclusion events when necessary and ensures safety when participating in events, visits, and other interactions.
  • Outreach to, engagement of, and relationship building with participants in Boarding Homes with behavioral health needs.
  • Assists the participant to identify and access community resources for developing natural supports to increase his/her success in the community.
  • Participates in weekly 1:1 supervision and daily team meetings discussing and assessing participants in various life domains.


  • High School or GED Diploma.
  • Minimum of one year of general work experience w/in the past two years.
  • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Demonstrated ability to create, read and send e-mail through Google.
  • Must possess basic computer skills to perform job duties including desktop computing, email, time sheet management, electronic health records, using Microsoft Office Applications, ADP and other relevant software.
  • Must have basic electronic communication and internet skills.
  • Must be able to use new computer systems and/or software functions as they become available.
  • Certification as a CPS preferred.
  • If your program has a fully functioning kitchen, and cooks or prepares food, you must be able to obtain a Food Safety Certificate within 6 months of hire.


Mental Health Partnerships (MHP) seeks to empower individuals with mental health challenges to live full and satisfying lives, based on their specific needs and choices, all while remaining connected to their families, friendships and communities.

MHP offers over 40 services throughout the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania, and select locations in the states of Delaware and New Jersey.