Certified Peer Specialist (Recovery Coach), CRIF, Full Time



  • Works with participant to identify, develop, and access supports to increase his/her success in community integration and community inclusion
  • Supports and teaches recovery and recovery tools and models personal responsibility, self-advocacy, and hopefulness
  • Facilitates the participant's self-review of progress upon each encounter
  • In partnership with each participant assesses their hopes, strengths, accomplishments and challenges in order to achieve his/her stated goals
  • In partnership with each participant develops the recovery plan and his/her support system in order to support him/her in becoming self-sufficient
  • Supports participants in the self-management of critical or crisis situations.
  • Supports participants' in coordinating with or in choosing his/her significant and relevant supports in order to arrange services or resources to achieve his/her goals.
  • Assists the individual in preparation and recording of the peer support recovery plan, progress notes, and other documents that verify service delivery using person-first language, in a timely manner according to established quality and regulatory standards.
  • Uses knowledge, skills and training from Certified Peer Specialist training to model, coach, support and advocate with participants.
  • Supports and assists participants when necessary and ensures participants safety when participating in events, visits, and other interactions.


  • Minimum of a High School or GED Diploma; Associates Degree in a Human Services related field is preferred
  • Credentialed as a Certified Peer Specialist.
  • Minimum of three years of experience in a behavioral health work environment
  • Must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Must have access to a car to use for work on a daily basis.
  • Must have automobile insurance coverage at the state requirement levels and current state registration.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the local Mental Health System
  • Demonstrated ability to create, read and send e-mail through Google.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word.
  • Must be possess the drive and integrity to be able to work independently and problem solve.
  • Must possess basic computer skills to perform job duties including desktop computing, email, time sheet management, electronic health records, using Microsoft Office Applications, ADP and other relevant software
  • Must have basic electronic communication and internet skills to gather information required for the program or program participants.
  • Must be able to use new computer systems and/or software functions as they become available.